SunGrow 6 Pack Cat Toys – Increases Stimulation – Keeps pet Mentally & Physically Fit – Relieves Boredom & Stress – Prevents unwanted Behavior – Gives Hours of Fun

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Cat Toy Variety Pack (20 pcs) --- Activity Set of Mylar Balls, Chew Toys, Catnip Pouches, Play Mice & Bells - Assorted Colors, Shapes & Sizes - Great for Persians, Maine Coons, Calicos & Tabby Cats

User reviews

The only toy my cat enjoyed out of this was the rainbow striped ball. The one that looks like a ball of rope she would have enjoyed if it were about half the size - she tried to play with a few times but always kind of jumped back when it made a thud as it rolled over. She hates crinkly noises so the foil ball did nothing for her, she was unimpressed with the mouse, the plastic ball with the bell made her flinch, and the biggest surprise was that she HATED the wand toy, since she has loved every other one I've ever used.So.... I think it's a nice assortment of toys, if you don't have the world's biggest scaredy cat.
I actually used these in a basket for a charity auction supporting an animal shelter... they looked great!
I can't believe I got all this for so little money. The mouse is my kitten's favorite by far.

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