IFOYO Squeaky Dog Toys, Durable Plush Dog Toys Squeak Toys for Large Medium Small Dogs

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  • Product Dimensions: 18.1 x 3.2 x 2 inches ; 1.92 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 2.1 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)


Durable Squeaky Dog Toy The squeak toy made of high quality plush material can prevent tearing apart from pet's bites. Can't Stop Squeaking Multiple squeaker inside the dog squeaky toys which excite your dogs with squeaky sounds. Durable squeakers to keep your dog digging and squeaking longer. No...

User reviews

My 6-month-old lab mix is definitely an "aggressive chewer." He has destroyed almost every toy I've given him, sometimes in less than an hour. He's had this camo dinosaur toy for five days now and it is still intact! He LOVES it! He has played with it for hours at a time day after day and now has little interest in his other toys. He runs and tosses it into the air a lot of the time. He does chew on it a lot and I see there is a small hole chewed through one layer. All seams are still completely intact. I just ordered another one of these for when this one is likely to be beyond repair. It's a large toy, a good size for medium and large dogs.
Ducky prefers to be babied and my BOY has decided he's up to the challenge of mothering ducky. A reindeer only lasted two minutes before his face was ripped of by the giant German Shepherd roaming my house. However, ducky was able to convert the reindeer killer into a sissy la la. After two days, ducky has been squeaked only twice, and only carefully picked up three times. Ducky has spent his days warmly snuggled between Eli's front legs, against his chest, or snuggled against his belly. I've listened to hours of Eli talking to ducky about the future, and what it'll be like for a young ducky to grow up as the adopted child of a dog. I have no concerns about ducky, however, the tough reputation of my dog is now up for debate.
We have a 2 year old beagle mix that manages to chew through any and every toy we give her in about two hours. Recently, she’s started eating pieces of the toys and we’ve found them when she uh—does her busines. We were on the hunt for a toy that our tiny little monster wouldn’t be able to destroy—or eat (we don’t want her to hurt herself). We’ve found it with this toy. She hasn’t been able to rip him open at all yet and she’s had him for over 24 hours and she’s given him a few good chewings. She loves this toy and runs around with it, shaking it around and throwing it all over the house. Quality toy. As she starts depleting her other toys, we plan to buy her more from this company.

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