50 Pcs Catnip Sticks Organic Cat Chew Toys Natural Plant Matatabi Silver Vine Chew Sticks Cat Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy for Cat Kitten Kitty

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Natural care: Natural Matatabi cat stick also known as Silver Vine roots helps cats in improving their dental Hygiene by getting rid of harmful plaque and tartar through exfoliation. 100% safe and non-addictive in nature. Matatabi roots are the most popular amongst natural chews and contains 6...

User reviews

Our 8 month old kitten loved the way it smelled! The scent oddly reminded us of bacon, made me wonder if the sticks were scented or flavored with something!? That said, the cat does love it, as did the dog who promptly stole the kitty's new treasure and crushed it into pieces. Upon recieving his 2nd stick from the 10 pack we purchased the cat rolled, chewed, flung, & batted his new toy happily until he was done & hid it for later. A word of caution if your cat is an aggressive chewer like ours I would definately recommend supervision with these sticks as I would not want the sticks to split into pieces they could possibly eat! Small pieces of bark do fall off so playtime might be better on an easy to clean surface. We have hard flooring with large indoor / outdoor rugs specifically for the pets so this was not a problem for us. We initially purchased these sticks because the kitten had taken to chewing on hard things like decorative metal lamps with protruding parts, thick wicker baskets & hard plastic packaging. This seems to have given him something hard he can chew on that is better than the alternatives & it keeps him active as well. If used properly with responsability of the pet owner I think this is a good toy for the cat who gets bored easy & chews inappropriately. I can think of many boredom buster games to keep him interested. I would recommend.
My cats came running when they heard the sound of the plastic opening. It was great seeing them play with the sticks. The youngest was enjoying it so much he drooled all over it! Thank goodness for my hardwood floors! We will definitely be buying again!
Both my cats loved them. One of them just chews on them like crazy, the other one likes to rub on them and bite them a bit. They also use them to play. I've read other reviews complaining their cats are not interested in them, i suppose it just depends on the cat, but both my cats found them very entertaining, they absolutely love them.

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